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Long Story Short

About a decade prior to "The Creative Imbalance Podcast" host Sean Sirianni picked up a camera and moved to the city of Toronto as an aspiring videographer. With his ambitious nature he dove into all sorts of his interests under the arts and entertainment umbrella. Genuine love, passion, hard work, and sacrifice has engulfed him into the inner workings of a variety of different scenes and gained him the upmost respect from many leading innovative figures within those circles.


From all genres of music, film/television, comedy, journalism, battle rap, beatboxing, pro wrestling, and more. Sean has connected with and helped artists, performers, and all sorts content creators in countless ways.


Over the years of assisting others bring their visions to life, Sean always had an intuition that he should take the reigns and be doing something of his own.  Suddenly everything connected like a puzzle and one of the most raw, honest, heartfelt platforms of media (aka The Creative Imbalance Podcast) was born.

Contact Sean via:

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Email -

Twitter - @SeanSirianni

FaceBook - The Creative Imbalance

Instagram - @thecreativeimbalance

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