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Episode 78 featuring Saxon and Emery


Hail to the fuckin Queens baby! On this episode we are joined with our pals Saxon and Emery from the Pacific Junction Hotel. This is one of the last episodes to be recorded in the beloved PJH. They were such a big part behind the scenes of the show and we needed to get them on the mic to further capture the legacy before we embarked on our new adventure. What was expected was a lot of silliness/laughter, and it started out that way, but mid way through the episode we shift deeper and deeper into heavier subjects such as, gender identity, human energy, and the afterlife.  Such a great talk!

Featured tracks on this episode:

  • “No Hesitation” by Dirtbag Dan featuring Cadalack Ron

  • “Errors” by K.I.D (Kara Lane)

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