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Episode 88 featuring Alex Karkaby


Today on the show we have Talkshoe representative and new co-producer of The Creative Imbalance podcast Alex Karkaby. After a few weeks of having her behind the scenes of the show and having some of the most profound conversations off the mic, it was only right to hit the record button for this one. Alex has an incredible perspective from being raised in Abu Dhabi and moving to Canada at a young age. Around her story of breaking out of her shell and openly touching on her internal struggles of culture adaptation, we dive deep and attack an array of topics from mental health, human connection, intuition, overthinking, positive/negative conditioning, the vibes you choose to project and much more.

Featured track on this episode:

  • “Techtonic Creep” by general noise (Click Here if you would like to purchase this track – general noise Bandcamp )

And this is the sunflower outside of our window that caught Alex’s eye during the episode.

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