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Episode 94 featuring Cole Kidd


Today we are joined with musician/author Cole Kidd in a fun and insightful episode of the show. Cole has an in depth perspective of the music industry from many years fronting the band Hello Beautiful. He is full of hilarious stories from getting in trouble with Randy Bachman’s (from the Guess Who) attorney, his other project Rats (that featured Sid from Slipknot, Sum 41 and more), and having access to an industry book of contacts which lead to him drunkenly pitching projects to Fred Durst and Sharon Osbourne one afternoon. Overall Cole is a great example of unapologetic ambition and has such a diverse perspective from going through the ringer of the music industry to now settling down and becoming a father which inspired him to write his newly published children’s book titled “The Plops”. We are also joined again on this episode with our past guest Johnny Shay to co-host and bring an amazing dynamic on this conversation.

Featured track on the episode”

  • “Bad Like That” by Hello Beautiful

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