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FUNKY MATAS Talkin World Records, Celebrity Stories, Stunts, and WHY?

Today we are joined with Guinness World Record holder and social media superstar Funky Matas. Famously known for his back tattoo of hundreds of celebrity signatures, Funky has captured the eyes of millions on the internet from his hilarious and reckless stunts that reminds us of a Jackass/CKY spirit for the modern era. He is also joining us to tell us about his brand new docuseries titled "WHY?" where he takes controversial deep dives and questions the social norms adapted by society. He says this show will get him into a lot of trouble, and around that tell us a lot of fun stories about celebrity encounters, the stunts he has done, getting tattooed by a monkey, and much more.

If you want to help crowd fund and be a part of Funky's new series "Why" you can check out and learn about all the incentives that will make you part of this show.


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