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Episode 171 featuring Sarah Hay

Updated: Jul 26, 2022

Today on the show we are joined with Golden Globe nominated actress Sarah Hay. Sarah is known for her leading role in the series "Flesh and Bone" but joins us to let us know about her new film "Unidentified Objects" that is making it's world premiere at the "Inside Out" Toronto Film Fest on May 27th. Sarah is rad AF and around all that we have one of the most fun conversations we ever had on this show as we talk about how she accidentally landed her first role in a Mary Kate & Ashley film, the Golden Globe red carpet experience, interacting with Jonah Hill, a sentimental moment with Jamie Lee Curtis, taking doses of magic mushrooms for medicinal purposes, and whether or not she believes in the existence of aliens ... ALSO mid interview we learn that her boyfriend is the front man of Incubus! "PARDON ME WHILE I BURST INTO FLAMES!" Such an epic convo! haha


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