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Episode 176 feat The Lair (Charlotte Kirk and Neil Marshall)

Today on the show we get a behind the scenes look into The Lair with actress Charlotte Kirk (The Reckoning, Oceans 8) and director Neil Marshall (The Decent, Game Of Thrones). Around hearing about how this insanely fun film came to life we dive into so many other topics such a behind the scenes insight of Neil directing Game Of Thrones, Charlotte being casted as Nichole Brown in an upcoming OJ Simpson movie, their next film titled "Duchess", some advice for anyone who is looking into pursuing a career in the film industry and much more!

Biggest thank you Toronto After Dark Film Fest for giving us an early peak at this film. The Lair is now playing in theatres across the US, currently streaming on Prime Video, and will be streaming on Shudder in early 2023.


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