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Episode 193 feat Kenneth Lui (MARVEL STUDIOS and Artists in Agony)

Today we are joined with the talented filmmaker and VFX extraordinaire Kenneth Lui. Around creating special effects at Marvel Studio's Kenneth has been writing/directing projects of his own on his free time and his latest film "Artists in Agony" is about to hit digital platforms on July 21st. This title is all about embracing chaos and is a hilarious action packed mockumentary in the style of a Trailer Park Boys or Spinal Tap following a bunch of glorified assassins who are totally desensitized by murder. Kenneth also gives us an in depth perspective of what it is like being involved with creating some of the biggest titles of our generation in the MCU (Guardians of the Galaxy, Iron Man, Dr. Strange, Ant Man, Civil War and more) and ends our chat with some incredible must hear advice for anyone trying to make their dreams come true.


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