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Episode 23 featuring Sasha Arms & Robert King


Today on The Creative Imbalance podcast we are joined by the talented writer Sasha Arms and her awesome husband Robert King. They have traveled all the way from the UK scouting out content for the series of books Sasha works on titled “Carl Goes” and it’s coinciding website “Citizen Carl” (travel guides for creative entrepreneurs). First half of the episode you get to know a bit about their lives roaming the globe, travel content creation, and some incredible stories of beauty and danger … then at the second half of the episode Robert and I go straight to space, as we dive into topics of sleep paralysis, outer body experiences, DMT, meditation, working for the man and much much more.

Featured tracks in this episode: “Global Warming” by Gojira “Astral Projection” by The Cranberries

You can find Sasha’s work in the “Carl Goes” travel guides for creatives series and at

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