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Episode 192 feat Andreas Deja (Disney Animator Legend!)

Today we are joined with the legendary Disney lead animator Andreas Deja! This man has created some of the most iconic villains and characters of our generation. From Jafar, Scar, Gaston, Lilo, Hercules, Roger Rabbit and much more! HIS RESUME IS STACKED.

Andreas has just completed a new short film of his own in the classic 2D hand drawn style of animation that he is know for titled Mushka. This project took him 10 YEARS and it is a fantastic piece that projects a nostalgic feel into a brand new story. Around hearing about the film we dive into fascinating details about his career, deep layers of passion that goes into his work, why he had a run of being the lead of creating the "bad guys", the art of making the audience forget they are watching a cartoon, what he thinks about the modern day shift into 3D animation, along with incredible advice for anyone wanting to pursue a career in animation and a reminder that there is still magic in drawings.


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