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Episode 222 feat Devanny Pinn (The Black Mass)

Today we are joined with one of the horror queens of the screen Devanny Pinn around her directorial debut for a film called The Black Mass. Over the past decade you have seen her prevail or get absolutely slaughtered in some of the most famous and fun campy horror movies such as The Flood, Piranha 3D, and most likely anything that involves a 3 headed shark. She has even murdered our boy Danny Trejo with a chainsaw. Her new movie The Black Mass takes a very different approach by telling a horrific true crime story of the 70's with one of the most famous serial killers in history. The film hyper focuses on a specific real incident that often gets over looked by the media, takes a real take of that period of time, and Devanny explains that the intentions of this movie were to honor both the victims and survivors of these acts.

Was cool to hear her break down the layers of thoughts of bringing this film to like as she believes that "Horror can both entertain and educate". The Black Mass is now available on Blu-ray, DVD, VOD and streaming services (Apple TV).


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